Swift & Xcode

Go to how to START page first.
All the information to start programming in Xcode is there.
Hardware – Software – Resources.


What’s GitHub ?

GitHub Find Exchange Share code …   Share code is one of the most important and powerfull feature.Develop a project with more than one person by working all together at the same time. Branch is a fonction that let you work from the office or home.Work on your part and than merge it all together…


Hybrid App Development

If your now at a level of development where your looking a new way to code and develop Hybrid App. Work’s on iOS ans Androïde. Look at those cies.   Combo that work’s together   Ionic (FrameWork) http://ionic.io Cordova (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)https://cordova.apache.org (Adobe PhoneGap) NodeJS (Programming Interface) (open source libraries)https://nodejs.org/en/ Angular JS (Java Script open…


How to use String () or String?

Witch one to use: String () or String?   Depends … on how you do things! But! For my part, I’ve reduce bug crashing App when using: String ()   How? String? make’s it wait for a value from the user (problematic). String () set’s a nil value.   Why! If using String? and the user skip…