All the steps for newbies

Updated: Juin 05 2023

The Machine


System Requierment: Intel or M (M1, M2) Processors.

To run Xcode for programming, you need an Apple computer.

You can use it with any Mac  iMac, Mac Pro, MacBook Air MacBook Pro, Mac mini, or MacStudio.

You can not use Xcode on an iOS device like an iPhone or iPad to code.

For starters … it’s NOT necessary to have a New Super Power Mac.

Programming is not CPU consuming.

Always use the latest version of MacOS and Xcode.

Download Xcode in your Mac from the «App Store» it’s Free.

The Developer Account

«Apple Developer Programs»

You don’t need an account to use Xcode … it’s Free.

You only need to have a Developer Account, if you want to publish and/or sell your app.

The ratio of earning is 70% for you and 30% for Apple.
There’s also a program to minimise royalty fee.

Here’s the link where to start:

Learn how to code

«Multiple languages»

Playground (Swift)

Use Apple App Playgroud for Mac or iPad to initiate yourself to programming (great for kids).

Playground by Apple is a good way to start learning Swift language.
It’s their programming language for the 30 next years to come.
Learn with simple exercices.

The big Buzz … those days is still.

It’s a 2000 hrs FREE courses.

You’ll pass through all the programming languages common used
Your work will be recognized by Linked In


Advance Training

«One step higher»

Start programming in Swift

Start developing with the latest iOS and/or MacOS
Also you can start programming for Apple Watch with watchOS .
Believe it or not you can program web pages with Swift.

Swift programming – Beginners & Advanced (It’s FREE)
The most complete place to start programming.
Really – My personal Recommendation ***
Hacking With Swift

Other places that I know.

The Bookshelf

«Where to start reading»

There’s a couple of very good books editor that i like:

Test your App

It’s now very easy to test your App in 2023.

If you program for Mac … there’s already everything you need inside Xcode including Virtual Hardware Simulator for iPhone, iPad, Mac and AppleTV.
There’s also Xcode Cloud for testing.

But for a small developer … it’s not really necessary to pay to use Xcode Cloud. (Free for 25 Hrs /Month, until Dec 31 2023)

If you program for Android … using Flutter for exemple.
You also have some testing method on multiple Virtual Devices.
Note that now, you can integrate Flutter code into your existing iOS app. So … Multi-Platform possibilities.

The Community

«Where to find others info»

Rumors: Mac Rumors

Coding Tips: AppCodaDevFright, Mindsers

A good place to Find, Exchange & Share code: Github (not for starters)

The Questions / How to …

«Where to find answers»

Hacking With Swift (Paul Hudson)

This site is a How To …
You will find (lots & lots of Videos Tutorials) and how to write code in Swift.
Here’s the Search link knowledge.
There’s also lots of books with working source code exemples. (really helpful)


Almost all programming languages community help is there.

Try to be as precise as you can in your questions.
I suggest for research to make Copy / Paste of the error message in the search bar.
Your not the first one to have that problem.

Developer Survey Results

The YouTube

«YouTube suggestions»

All those channels are a good start.

Share and work on the same project with
Training Guides


«Resources suggestions»

If you want to code for Android
You can start HERE. (Android Mobile App Developer Tools – Android Developers)


«Resources Conferences»

Events Conference List

  • WWDC (Apple World Wide Developer Conference)
  • 360 Conferences (Good Alternative on the East Cost)
  • Google I/O (Annual conference)

Texte Editor for Code

«Text Editor»

There are Text Editors for Code

The classic: BBEdit or Sublime Text.

That’s an option, if you like to code outside Xcode.

Here’s the link: Sublime Text, BBEdit
To program in JavaScript: Visual Studio Code

BBEdit one of the oldest App still used by programmer today (1989).
Tribute to it’s Founder: Rich Siegel

Icons Maker

«Icons Maker»

Create great Icons (Free)

Bakery – Simple Icon Creator
Really simple and intuitive Icon maker.

An other one you may like.

Now what!

Code … Code …. and Code

The best way to learn!
Code 30 min. a day with

100 days with SwiftUI (
100 days with Swift (

Hope to hear from you!