All the steps for newbies.

The Machine

« Computer »


To run Xcode for programming, you need an Apple computer.

System Requierment: Intel Processor.

You can use an iMac, Mac Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or Mac mini.

You can not use Xcode on an iOS device like an iPhone or iPad.

Programming is not CPU consuming. Compile Time is a litle bit more.

For starters … it’s not nesserary to have a New Super Power Mac

« OS – Operating System »

Always use the latest version of OS X and Xcode.

Download Xcode in your Mac from the »App Store » for Free.


The Developer Acount

« Apple Developer Programs »


You don’t need an acount to try Xcode … it’s Free.

The need to have to pay for a Developer Acount is needed, if you want to sell your app (like 0.99 cents).

The ratio of earning is 70% for you and 30% for Apple.

But …

The Apple’s Developer Programs give you access to more like all the video from the Keynote.

Here’s the link where to start:


Learn how to code

« Learning code »


The big Buzz … those days it’s

It’s a 2000 hrs FREE courses.

You’ll pass through all the programming languages common used

Your work will be recognized by Linked In






The Training

« Where to start learning »


Here’s a couple of very good place that i like.


Note: Pluralsight is new for me. It’s in the list because I want to follow Simon Allardice. He’ve made a lot of tutorial for programming and when was sold to Linkedin and the to Microsoft, he made a switch to Pluralsight.

He’s in my mind the reference in teaching for programming in general. Really Talented Person.


The Bookshelf

« Where to start reading »


There’s a couple of very good books that i like:

Check the description before buying!

The new Swift language will be your start. Try to find some Swift programming book.


Apple has a chanel on iTunes named: iTunesU. The »U » is for University. There’s a hole bunch of video courses there gived by Universities. There’s also an App for iPad and iPhone.


The Tests

« The i … hardware shoping »


It’s probebly time to go on the web shopping.

Try to find and/or buy some used i … something.

Test your code on it and verify that your App runs fine.

It’s a must to have one of these or all of them: iPhone, iPad, iPodToutch.

When you start … keep it simple. One i …

Company have money to try different versions of hardware (4S, 5, 5S,6,6 Plus) (iPad 2, 3, Retina, Air). Have different hardware is a good idea too.

Try to determine on how many devices and iOS you want you App to be working.

Start developing with the latest iOS and/or MacOS (Opetating System).

And now we hate to had watchOS for Apple Watch

It’s less iOS backword problems


The Community

« Where to find others »


Rumors: Mac Rumors

Coding Tips: AppCoda, DevFright, Swift iOS Tutorials

Coding Tips in French: Mindsers

A good place to Find, Exchange & Share code: Github (not for starters)


The Questions

« Where to find answers »



Almost all programming languages community help is there. Try to be as precise as you can in your questions.

Developer Survey Results


The YouTube

« YouTube suggestions »

All those channel are a good start.

Xcode: (Updated september 2017)



Share and work on the same project.
Training Guides


The Resources

« Resources suggestions »

List of Resources

Vidéo Collection (Updated July 2016)

Collection of videos about Mac, iOS and Swift.
See People in real time coding
(Not sure if it’s good way to learn)
(realy not sure it’s a good thing to pay for that)



« Resources Conferences »

Events Conference List (Updated july 2017)


Texte Editor for Code

« Text Editor »


There are Text  Editor for Code

The classic: BBEdit or Sublime Text.

That’s an option, if you like to code outside Xcode.

Here’s the link: Sublime Text, BBEdit


Icons Maker

« Icons Maker »


Create great Icons (Free)

The App is Called: Prepo

You can download the App from the Mac App Store

Here’s the link: Prepo


Now what …


Code … Code …. and Code

That’s the best way to learn!
Try to code 30 min. a day with