Objective-C will be replace by Swift.
Recommendation: If you start programming, go with Swift.

Change float to int

Change a float to int in Objective-C The Code float valueFloat = slider.value; int valueInt = (int) valueFloat;   Explanation 1-The inital value is received from a slider in the App (slider.value). That inital value received is 3.1415 and have 4 decimals (1415). That’s what we call in programming a ”float”.   2-The slider.value 3.1415…


WWDC 2013 Tutorials – Listed by numbers

WWDC 2013 TUTORIALS LISTED BY NUMBERS Accessibility in OS X Frameworks Session 200 Building User Interfaces for iOS 7 Frameworks Session 201 Accessibility in iOS Frameworks Session 202 What’s New in Cocoa Touch Frameworks Session 203 What’s New with Multitasking Frameworks Session 204 What’s New in Cocoa Frameworks Session 205 Getting Started with UIKit Dynamics…