Resources by themes.

All the information here is made with my personal research


Major Developers


Market Share
Apple (15%)
Android (85%)



It’s nice to like Apple, nice!
Think seriously reach more people with Android.
By choosing only 1 platform, you are loosing 85% of your revenus.
See below what are the programing language you need to be 100 on the market.


SDK Partners

“Can help accelerate your frontend development Apps efforts”



 App Builder (10X Faster)


Code Generator

“For Designing”



App Templates




Third Party App Builder

“App Creation Solutions (Web Interface)”



Cie App Makers




App Cost Calculator

“How much a App cost to create”


Chat Solution in the Office (WorkFlow)

” Advanced Share Docs”



DATA Share Provider




HTTP Clients






Job Board

“Find a job or employes”



Cloud Platform




Video Streaming Solutions